Buying tips with guaranteed only post tips that with 100% monitored by indepedent monitoring company. All previous past records is 100% monitored to ensure all members is buying what they see and not fake records and tips went bad after purchase. On top of records being monitored our records can prove that our consistency is true as website statement. The accuracy will be update monthly and price will be adjust according to the accuracy. While for our details statistic you can either check the life update at our records page or our profile page in the monitoring company website.

Our main aims is to help all members to maintain a consistent profits. We cannot guaranteed every tip is winning tip but with our guaranteed system we ensure every purchase is profitable. Everything will written here is supported by our performance, and is 100% monitored.

Buying Our Tips

Asian Handicap Bet


$288 for 1 tip

Over Under Bet


$308 for 1 tip

Pro Asian Handicap Bet


$368 for 1 tip
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